Call For Papers

Call for Papers

5th ECREA Radio Research Section Conference, Radio Relations

Lublin, 12-14 September 2017


The main topic of Radio Research Section Conference in 2017 will be Radio Relations.

From the philosophical point of view communication is a kind of active relation. Radio used to be described as a vessel of cultural and social values. To achieve its aims it built long-term personal and institutional relations. But none of the relations is given once for all. The nature of radio lies in its constant transformations, so the mutual relations transform too. Radio adjusts to changing auditory and social interactions. Its broadcasting policies evolve. Still, there is always the audience that gives the meaning to the radio’s efforts and justifies them. The relation between the medium and its receivers is a core around which other ones are built. Both theory and pragmatics of radio indicate that radio as a part of media system serves to cultural, educational and entertaining purposes. To trace relations between them is another challenge for radio researchers.

Modern radio produces more kinds of relations than ever. It is due to technological progress and participatory factors that turn some of the listeners into prosumers. This process requires new competences and skills from both sides. The roles and identities of radio journalists, reporters, DJs and listeners themselves are more fluid and flexible. The commercial aspect of modern radio often prevails over its cultural impact, but the relations between them creates tension from which new radio forms evolve…

We encourage you to take a quick glance at some of radio relations, whether they regard audience research, radio genres and production, new technologies’ influence, ideology and politics, psychology or economy of radio or any other topics. Proposals on the following topics will be welcome to enrich the debate on the main theme:

audience, the relation radio-listener

content, the relation sound-reality

music, the relation sound-emotions

journalism, the relation radio-news

business, the relation radio-economy

devices, the relation radio-technology

community, the relation listener-listener

genres, the relation theory-practics

aesthetics, the relation form-content

pedagogy, the relation content-education/edutainment

ideology, the relation radio-politics/radio-religion/radio-history


There are so many perspectives that can enrich the discourse we lead on the radio, both from scholar, artistic or practical point of view… Therefore we will be happy to welcome all of you, who consider Radio important at our Conference in Lublin.


Submissions info

  • The main language of the conference is English. Presentations should normally take 15 minutes. For individual papers, please submit a maximum 500-word abstract and short biographical note of up to 100
  • All proposals   should   be    emailed    as    a    Word    document    to    the    organisers    at by 15th April
  • All proposals will be acknowledged and then blind peer-reviewed by the conference scientific committee. Ongoing decisions will be communicated to proposers by e-mail no later than till 30th April 2017.



The registration through the website will be open from 31st January until 15th July 2017. The fees are as below:

Until 31th May 2017:

  • ECREA members: 150 €
  • Non –members: 200 €
  • Students*: 75 €

Between 1st June – 15th July 2017

  • ECREA members: 200 €
  • Non –members: 250 €
  • Students*: 100 €

At the Conference site:

  • ECREA members: 250 €
  • Non –members: 300 €
  • Students*: 100 €*All students can register with reduced fees. If you register as a student, you will be required to show proof of your student status (a student card or a letter from your university) at the registration desk in the Centre for Culture.After 15th July 2017 the online registration will be closed. Those of you who would like to participate in the event are kindly requested to register on-site (depending on availability) and make payment by cash. Payment by card or bank transfer will no longer be available.

Further information

For the information about the programme and the venue please visit the conference website

Looking forward to welcoming as many as possible Radio Research Section members and other scholars to Lublin in September!



ECREA Radio Research Section Team

Madalena Oliveira

Grażyna Stachyra

Tiziano Bonini






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